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Tasseron Room Humidity/Temperature Sensor THHRAA5C

Tasseron Room Humidity/Temperature Sensor THHRAA5C

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Wall mount transmitter for relative humidity (RH) s temperature (T)


  • 0-10V fixed analog for both Humidity & Temperature signals
  • 2% / 3% / 5% relative humidity accuracies
  • Multiple factory programmed temperature output ranges
  • Attractive, streamlined, low-profile ABS enclosure
  • Quick Connect wire terminals for easy wiring
  • High airflow and fast response
  • Insulated back included
  • CE & RoHS compliant
  • Made in the USA


High quality room or wall mount relative humidity and temperature sensor in the attractive, low-profile Aero plastic enclosure. The humidity transmitters are available with an accurate analog 0 -10V temperature transmitter over multiple temperature ranges which are factory programmed. The humidity elements have high accuracy and very low drift over 5 years.

The Tasseron room humidity series are equipped with Quick Connect spring-loaded wire terminals which make installation easy and eliminates screw terminals and wire nuts.




Injection-molded ABS UL 94 HB


Quick snap, injection-molded ABS


Direct mounting with quick snap faceplate. Fits standard single gang box or mounts directly to wall. Built in level for easy accurate installation.


AWG 22-16 / 0.35—1.5mm² spring-loaded, Quick Connect wire terminals Humidity Transmitter:     ±2% / ±3% / ±5%


0 to 10V

Humidity Sensor:

RH Supply Voltage (0-10V DC):                   

13 to 35 VDC / 13 to 35 VAC

Voltage Output Current:                              


Voltage Output Resistance:                           

1 kOhm

Supply Current:                                    

Voltage mode 32-35mA

Long Term Stability:                                 

Less than 0.25% per year


0.8% RH @ average temp. 25°C / 77°F


0.1% RH


2% & 3% versions, 10...90% RH; 5% 0...100% RH


3-wire (RH only) 4-wire (RH+T)


0…50°C / 32...122°F

RH Sensor Type:                                    

Capacitive, non-condensing

RH Measurement Range:                           

0...100% RH

Temperature Sensor Active:

T Output                                                 0-10V

T Range                                                  Range 1: (Default) -40…+70°C / -40...158°F Range 2: 0...50°C / 32...122°F

Range 3: 0…+100°C / 32°F...212°F          Range 4: 20°F...120°F

Range 5: 0°F...100°F

T Accuracy                                              ±0.3°C / ±0.54°F

T Response Time                                     t63 < 120 sec (3 m/s)

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